Water Damage Photo Gallery

Large Loss Recovery in Bartlesville, OK

When disaster strikes call the pros who know what to do to get your world put back together! This is the start of a Large Loss Recovery in Bartlesville, OK. 

When disaster strikes, we strike back!

We are always prepared for any of your water disaster...big or small.

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Soggy Carpet

Soggy carpet can lead to various other problems if not handled immediately and appropriately. Once you feel or see the water through the carpet fibers, all flooring materials need to be dried thoroughly to prevent microbial buildup and the rot of each of your flooring layers.

Broken Hot Water Tank

It only takes minutes for a property be overcome by water damage.

When a property has sitting water, on average, water will wick up the drywall six inches for every 24hrs water is present. With heat and humidity secondary damage can occur creating further problems and a rise in cost.

Drying Concrete

Our desiccant drying 75,000 square feet of concrete at a local business in Muskogee Co.

The rule of thumb is that you’ll need to allow 28 days of drying time for each inch of concrete thickness, if the slab is under ideal drying conditions meaning there’s air circulation and a low ambient relative humidity.

Leaky Laundry Rooms

Leaky pipes, valves and hoses which are normally hidden behind large items such as washing machines, dishwashers, and hot water tanks can sometimes be the most problematic. Reason being, out of sight out of mind. in this case, it give reason for damp and dark areas to sit stagnant with out care for long periods of time. Check these areas periodically because the damage can potentially penetrate entire walls and adjoining surfaces.