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3 Ways To Eliminate a Moldy Smell

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

Use The Following Three Tips To Remove Mold Odor

The signs of mold are not always so simple: It's not always a crumbling wall or the gathering of black fuzzy spots. Often, it's the subtle hint of a strange odor, a byproduct of the fungus's mycotoxin release. If your nose senses something off, you can try to take care of it. Homeowners can tackle the problem using the following three tips.

1. Have the Air Unit Cleaned

Sometimes the musty odor develops from mold growth in the air unit. All of those vents help pull in moisture from your home, keeping the place cool; however, sometimes, that humidity sticks in there, allowing microbes to grow; thus, you get a smell. Call out a service to inspect and scrub the system.

2. Purchase a Filtration System

Concerned about what you're inhaling? You can pull out the mycotoxin from the air using a HEPA air filtration device. By removing the chemical release, you decrease the funk, allowing you to breathe easier. Just be aware that this doesn't eliminate it from the source, though. Explore further to find where it's coming from.

3. Remove Contaminated Materials

While the smell is irritating, the main issue is that you have spores growing in the house. You need to find them and remove them; otherwise, the scent could only grow worse. Call a mold remediation company in Naples Lakes, FL, to assess the premises, determining the source of the trouble. A leaky pipe behind a wall could be the complication. Once it's found, tear out everything with mold on it. Allow the crew to sanitize the section and restore it to its initial condition.
It's unpleasant to get a whiff of mycotoxin, filling the house with stuffy smell. Attack it by seeking help from professionals. Work with your air conditioner company and mold team to find the growth, remove it and rebuild. Then, purchase a HEPA air filtration unit that maintains a healthy circulation for your entire family.

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